Parish Council Contact

All correspondence should be addressed to the Parish Clerk who will put it to the next Parish Council meeting or distribute as required.

Please contact us using one of the methods below.

Jayne Saunders
Postal Address

1 Village Way, Farndon, Newark, Notts, NG24 4SX


Nick Hutchings


Simon Dolby


Ian Harrison

Chair of council

Mary Fletcher


Martin Talbot


Dave Saxton


Council Meetings

North Muskham Parish Council meets on the second Monday of every month, except for August when the Council is in recess.

Meetings are held in the Muskham Rural Community Centre, Nelson Lane, North Muskham, and commence at 7pm. 

There is a 10 minute section at the beginning of the agenda where members of the public can ask questions of or address the Council.  Following the closure of this public section, members of the public can only take part in the meeting if specifically invited to do so by the Chairman.

Agendas will be posted at least 3 clear working days (including Saturdays) from the date of the meeting.  Minutes will be uploaded only when they have been approved by Council.

Agendas of meetings will be removed once the minutes of the meeting are published.

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council is held in May of each year and starts with the election of the Chair and Vice-Chair.

If the meeting is in an election year, elected Members will be required to complete their Declarations of Acceptance of Office prior to any other business being undertaken.

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting has to be held between March and June in each year.  North Muskham generally holds theirs prior to the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council in May.

It provides an opportunity for all parishioners to hear about the work that has been undertaken in the previous year and to find out about projects that are in the development stage to be implemented in the forthcoming year.

Anyone who is an elector in the Parish may attend this meeting.

General Data Protection Regulations

Policies and Procedures relating to GDPR

Standing Orders

Standing Orders Revised and Adopted by Council on 10th September 2018. These Orders govern how the Council meetings will be run.